A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

By | April 27, 2011

Last Thursday night Shazar Robinson – yes that’s me – was given a beautiful farewell party at the hostel. It was late.. 7.45 – and the children especially the little girls were dropping off to sleep right there where they sat awaiting the cermeony.

Vaishnavi bent forward over her crossed legs and put her head on the floor and slept. She was an example for others as Satish launched into a wonderful but long explanation in Marathi about what I had contributed to our family.

Well first I have to say that it was certainly not only me.

Yes it’s true, my fingers did the typing, my promotion efforts  attracted the participants in the volunteer journey, and I became a channel for those who freely gave without even hardly knowing what or who they were giving to.  But so many others contributed and so it was to us all that this farewell party was directed.

So here is the list .. this is what we did.. and through this flow of energy, in the form of needed goods, we have in turn created more energy.

Look at it this way.. the steel we bought for the new building creates solid energy to hold up the building.

The tennis balls we gave the children created energy as the children raced around playing cricket.

The Inverter we purchased for the Shelter, stores energy so that when the main power goes down, the children can have light and fans. Very needed in this very hot time.

The Generator is now producing power so that the building work can continue even at night as they now have lights and power to pump the water up the hill.

The first aid kit we purchased and set up will help to restore and prevent leakage of energy in the form of any wounding or injury.

The two children who are being sponsored as a result of our visit.. will be energized for years to come by the love they are being shown in the form of nurturing.

And the energy of this amazing place is being spread around by the people who can now access the pictures of our family and our place here in Malavali due to this website that we made.

But all of that said, the energy that we received as volunteers here in this special place has been so much more than what we have given.

The love and the acceptance and the care that we have been shown by all here, the teachers, the cooks, the carers, Satish, Yogita, Nandini as well as the many who not actually  living here, but who have a connection and contribute in their own ways – Maya Shahani of Sage Foundation, Rehka Shahani who brought her children and friends to help plant the fruit trees – (donated by Daniel Priestley of Triumphant Events).

So many people who contribute and assist these beautiful children to have a chance in their lives. 

We the volunteers – thank you for your contribution to our lives.  We have been enriched beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

  1. renee

    Hi Shazar
    very inspiring! would love more info on your next visit to India. The combination of giving back and travel – a great combo!

    1. shazar Post author

      Hi Renee,
      thank you for your comment… for more info on the next trip go here and I would also love to chat to you about it.. are you on skype.. if so connect with me there on shazarr. And I see you are a Dreamcatcher as well.. that’s excellent. Its a wonderful network to be connected to. Hope to chat to you soon.


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