A Volunteer’s Visit brings results!

By | November 21, 2011

As I drove past the Shikshan Gram Shelter last night on my way to the new site, I caught a glimpse of a whole series of new signs.


I had been away for a week, farewelling Renee Lighton in Mumbai .. and now here was something different sprouted in the empty space beside the children’s shelter… what was it.. ah ha – a word tree… and further on .. a fence of words.. with individual words laminated and strung along the fence wire.. and here more trees.. and an alphabet painted on wood.. just at eye height for the little ones.



And today when I visited a whole series of changes revealed themselves.  Now we have a worm farm – embedded into an old bathtub and filled with yummy goodies for the big fat worms to eat.

And bins labelled.. plastics, paper etc.. ready to really help the children be discerning about where they throw their rubbish.
And a new washing line.. beside the house, where the clothes are less likely to end up in the dirt. 

All this may not seem to you to be the miracle that it is .. but to me it is just that.  It is a miracle that was inspired by a volunteer – Renee Lighton –  one who is so good at inspiring others.. who spent just a few short hours discussing possible changes with one of our very creative teachers – Satish Mankar – and he picked it up and took the ‘ball’ as they say.. and ran with it.

In just one week he created a transformation that has shifted the shelter to a whole new level – providing the children with stimulating possibilites for their learning.

I hope you are as inspired as I am with this example of a profound contribution – how just a very short time spent in quality conversation can make such a difference to people’s lives.

We hope in fact that you become inspired to visit us and discover just what is it that you  can contribute to this project in the short time that you are likely to be with us?

Because we know that you too can do this .. you too can throw a spark which lights a huge bonfire.  As Renee has done.. lighting up her world as she moves through it with joy – in whatever field she chooses to play.

We are so glad she came and played in our back yard!!

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