Shazar Robinson

Creator - Water Harvest Foundation, Ambassador, Consultant, Volunteer Travel Organiser at Shikshan Gram Shelter for Children, Facilitator of Health Transformation at Best Health. Passionate about creating new paradigms of working together to achieve a healthy planet - and ending world poverty.

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Volunteers Always Make Us Sad!

We love having volunteers..  they add so much value to our work here – but they always make us sad! Why?  Because at a certain point, they all have to leave us. Yesterday we cried.  Emma Sykes – who has been with us for two months had to go.  She has been so great… a lawyer – about… Read More »

Rescued Children

  Not all stories at Shikshan Gram are happy tales. Once the children are with us – their lives start to look up – their faces brighten, their health improves, and their smiles begin to creep into their lives with more and more regularity. But their histories are tough and the lives they have come from can leave… Read More »

Connecting through Drama

  We had a wonderful day here today… Sunday – always a good day for spending time all together.  The girls came over to the main house – affectionately still known as ‘the Site’ as in the Building Site.. because it still is. We all gathered in the main hall and the day began with a game of… Read More »

Our Kitchen Garden

We are growing our kitchen garden! by Satish Mankar. Our boys come from the street like shriveled up flowers – but when they get here .. they start to transform into healthy blooms. Shikshan Gram is already a garden where we are growing healthy children – and now we are growing a garden to feed them healthy food.… Read More »

Voluntourism – our latest group.

The February group of volunteers were wonderful.  We had five participants and together and individually they contributed a tremendous lot to Shikshan Gram.  Here we are on our first day enjoying a Thali Lunch in Mumbai.    We had a great day in Mumbai – spent time with Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation as our wonderful tour… Read More »