Biodynamic Gardening

By | June 7, 2011

I am so excited today.  Satish sent me photos of the Biodynamic Course which Satish Mankar and two others attended at the beginning of this month.


This is result of a chain of events that can only be described as wonderful synchronicity.   Just before I left for India last November, Sahaja (my sister) lent me a copy of the movie One Man, One Cow, One Planet – and I was inspired.




Our new site at the Shikshan Gram Shelter has such a great area for a garden.  The vision for this garden is to create an organic garden that will sustain not only the children and their carers and teachers who live with them, but also create an overflow of produce which can assist them to become self sustaining.

The vision goes on.. and the connections we have made in relation to this are wonderful.  A local friend.. Mr Dinesh Balsaver – who lives not far away and takes care of the marketing for a group of local organic farmers also popped in to say hello and before you know it.. we were discussing Biodynamic methods.

After some searching on the internet we were able to discover a course being run by the Basil Academy and we have sent three of our people to attend the course.. accompanied by Mr Balsaver.



They are all back now.. and are very excited about the possibilites of the new discoveries they have made and the promise to produce healthy and biodynamically charged food from our very own garden has come just that big step closer.



From healthy food, comes healthy children, from
healthy children our future is born.



I am so grateful to have been a link in this chain of events.

With thanks also to the work of Rudolf Steiner from whom comes the science of Biodynamic Farming and Agriculture.

Shazar (volunteer).



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