Rescued Children

  Not all stories at Shikshan Gram are happy tales. Once the children are with us – their lives start to look up – their faces brighten, their health improves, and their smiles begin to creep into their lives with more and more regularity. But their histories are tough and the lives they have come from can leave deep scars. Some are still under threat. I won’t reveal her name… Read More »

On the campaign trail…fundraising for children in need

by Emma Sykes It was an early start for Shikshan Gram’s merry band of fundraisers as we set off at 5.30am on both Friday and Monday for two days of campaigning in Pune. Our first challenge was to reach the train station on time, overcoming the darkness, mud and many puddles along the way. Taking a pretty fast pace we all made it aboard the 6.30am local train to Pune. Three… Read More »

A New Volunteer’s Perspective

By Emma Sykes Beginning my first visit to India to volunteer at Shikshan Gram, I touched down in Mumbai expecting to be overwhelmed by the number of people, the volume of noise, and the sheer scale of the vast and varied country I had read so much about. And certainly that was my experience on the two and a half hour drive to Shikshan Gram, along an express-way where signalling… Read More »

Connecting through Drama

  We had a wonderful day here today… Sunday – always a good day for spending time all together.  The girls came over to the main house – affectionately still known as ‘the Site’ as in the Building Site.. because it still is. We all gathered in the main hall and the day began with a game of Simon Says – led by our volunteer from England – Emma Sykes.… Read More »

Our Kitchen Garden

We are growing our kitchen garden! by Satish Mankar. Our boys come from the street like shriveled up flowers – but when they get here .. they start to transform into healthy blooms. Shikshan Gram is already a garden where we are growing healthy children – and now we are growing a garden to feed them healthy food. We have 69 boys and 36 girls and here they are given… Read More »

Everybody is Shaolin Kung Fu fighting!

The Shaolin Masters have arrived in India. The Pune Mirror has covered the Shaolin Masters from China at Shikshan Gram.  Their article which is worth reading can be found here. The Shaolin Masters are here to work with the 1000 children from all over India who have gathered together for a Shaolin Summer Camp at Shikshan Gram.  They will also be inaugurating the construction of the Shaolin India Temple which… Read More »

Voluntourism – our latest group.

The February group of volunteers were wonderful.  We had five participants and together and individually they contributed a tremendous lot to Shikshan Gram.  Here we are on our first day enjoying a Thali Lunch in Mumbai.    We had a great day in Mumbai – spent time with Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation as our wonderful tour guide – she is such a fount of information – and took… Read More »

Shaolin Summer Camp 2012

Call for Sponsors!! A wonderful summer camp is planned for May 11th to 17th – and right now we are urgently calling for sponsors to support underprivileged children to attend this opportunity. Please click on this link Shaolin Summer Camp to see all the details.. and contact us for further information:  

Republic Day at Shikshan Gram

This morning we all got up very early .. those of us who are living at the new site left at a fast walk – accompanied by a band of the Shaolin Masters! 20 minutes later we arrived at the Hostel.. (the original Shikshan Gram shelter where the little children are currently living. ) The staff as usual had out done themselves.. the place was decorated beautifully and the loud speakers… Read More »

Any Excuse to Celebrate!

Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian.. the excuse for a celebration doesn’t depend on creed or belief system here at Shikshan Gram.. a holy day – or special day of any sort simply means ‘let’s have a party’!  and the really beautiful thing about having a party here is it is all so easy to organise.  Let have some special food.. the addition of delicious Kari.. see it here cooking away.. made… Read More »