Our Children

Satish just sent me some new pictures of the children so I thought I would share them with you…shubham1 Our Children

firstly here is Shubham.. the boy I have sponsored.. just the cost of one cup of coffee a day – and he is taken care of .. his schooling, his clothes and all he needs .. for a year.

You can easily contribute in this way too.. just ask me how!!

IMG 0772 300x225 Our Children

and here is  VaishnavyaVaishnavy1 Our Children

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1070099384 Our Children

Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram

In the middle of the monsoon, a fine morning is very unusual.

For the rains to hold off for almost a whole day, just about unheard of.  But last week on the 28th, a group of very important visitors came to Malavali to visit the children at Shikshan Gram.  And the rain held off.

This was a day of bringing together the links the have been formed many years ago – as friends came together to join forces.  Maya and Akhil Shahani and 30 sudents from the Shahani Centre of Management brought Paul Dunn and Masami Sato from Singapore to visit.  Paul and Masami are the creators of a wonderful concept and organisation called Buy1Give1 which supports and helps thousands of underprivileged people throughout the world.visitors Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan GramAnd the Rain Gods smiled and took a break to allow them all to go up to the new site to see the construction and to have a great demonstration by the Shaolin Volunteers.

paul gardening Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram



The project was explained in depth to the visitors and the Maya and Paul and Masami planted a tree .. to show that under the shade of this tree, the project would grow and flourish.


masami gardening Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram








As Nandini recounted when Paul and Masami visited the children at the current premises:

“The kids were in their element. The degree of excitement,love and happiness cannot be explained or written about.
It moved Paul to tears!!!!!! He had 60 of the kids vying for his attention and affection. It was hard to say good bye! I hope you will be back soon, as we await your next visit impatiently!!!!!

A very big Thank You to Maya and Akhil for making this visit possible and loads of blessings from the little ones to all of you who are trying so hard to make a difference to their lives!”



the group Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram


Biodynamic Gardening

I am so excited today.  Satish sent me photos of the Biodynamic Course which Satish Mankar and two others attended at the beginning of this month.

DSC00258 300x225 Biodynamic Gardening


This is result of a chain of events that can only be described as wonderful synchronicity.   Just before I left for India last November, Sahaja (my sister) lent me a copy of the movie One Man, One Cow, One Planet – and I was inspired.




DSC00355 300x225 Biodynamic Gardening

Our new site at the Shikshan Gram Shelter has such a great area for a garden.  The vision for this garden is to create an organic garden that will sustain not only the children and their carers and teachers who live with them, but also create an overflow of produce which can assist them to become self sustaining.

The vision goes on.. and the connections we have made in relation to this are wonderful.  A local friend.. Mr Dinesh Balsaver – who lives not far away and takes care of the marketing for a group of local organic farmers also popped in to say hello and before you know it.. we were discussing Biodynamic methods.

After some searching on the internet we were able to discover a course being run by the Basil Academy and we have sent three of our people to attend the course.. accompanied by Mr Balsaver.

DSC00348 300x225 Biodynamic Gardening



They are all back now.. and are very excited about the possibilites of the new discoveries they have made and the promise to produce healthy and biodynamically charged food from our very own garden has come just that big step closer.


DSC00427 768x1024 Biodynamic Gardening


From healthy food, comes healthy children, from
healthy children our future is born.



I am so grateful to have been a link in this chain of events.

With thanks also to the work of Rudolf Steiner from whom comes the science of Biodynamic Farming and Agriculture.

Shazar (volunteer).



Thinking To Volunteer in India?

Volunteer travel, spending time overseas working with a not for profit organisation – contributing time, effort and expertise is a very rewarding way to really get to know another culture and land.

The Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children is an ideal place to start.  We are very conscious of providing a support structure that will give you the optimal experience while you are with us.  You might like to come for a few days, weeks or months – however much time you are able to share with us will be a gift from you to us and us to you.
volunteer leaving 300x210 Thinking To Volunteer in India?


The children will get inside your heart very quickly.  Those who have already volunteered and spent time with us have gone away knowing that their contribution was very much appreciated.

And when you volunteer what you don’t realise is that in fact the tremendous rewards you receive in return cannot be measured.

If you would like to know how to go about this opportunity to volunteer – and the different structures that we offer – please get in touch with us and we will explore your needs and the needs of the Shelter together to design a program that will stay in your best memories bank for ever!


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146343352 Thinking To Volunteer in India?



Shaolin Summer Camp

ready for meditation 300x225 Shaolin Summer Camp

Ready for Meditation


Here are some more images sent to me from Satish Moon.. of the very successful Summer Camp that was just held at the new site of the Shikshan Gram Shelter.

They had 350 children attending – cared for by the group of 30 Shaolin Temple members who are in training as role models at the Shelter.  Of course the staff of the Shelter all pitched in and were incredibly busy over this five days.





dance lesson 300x225 Shaolin Summer Camp

Being given a dance lesson from a Bollywood Choreographer.



It was a wonderful success, with visiting Bollywood film star – Yusuf Hussain as well as dance demonstrations, Karate training, Chi Gong meditations and so many wonderful activities for the children.







At the end of the camp, all the children were veryproud to receive attendance certificates.. here being presetnted by Nandini Chandraratam – Satish Moon and suported by Yogita Moon.  It was a wonderful end to the celebrations.

certificate presentation1 Shaolin Summer Camp

Shaolin Summer Camp for Children

The Shaolin Summer Camp for Children of many villages is happening now at the new building site for the Shikshan Gram Shelter .. click on the link here to see the flyer for it.

Summer Camp

And now we have the first photos in.. this has been clearly an inspirational event – and when you understand the motivation behind this event, it becomes even more exciting.

It is the vision of Satish Moon to create role models for the Strong Village Project. This project is a far reaching plan to help the villagers of Maharasthra to have a better life – to reduce alcohol and tobacco additiction, to educate the people, to minimise violence and to set new standards so that the children are cared for and do not need to end up in care facilities such as the Shikshan Gram Shelter.

The aim of the Shaolin Summer Camp is to bring the children of as many villages as possible together to give them new role models and demonstrate healthy patterns of behaviour. The leaders at this camp intended to gain the trust of the children so that future connection with the villagers will come from a position of trust and respect.

These a few of the pictures just in from the Camp which concludes tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to sharing much more with you in the coming time.

A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

Last Thursday night Shazar Robinson – yes that’s me – was given a beautiful farewell party at the hostel. It was late.. 7.45 – and the children especially the little girls were dropping off to sleep right there where they sat awaiting the cermeony.

Vaishnavi bent forward over her crossed legs and put her head on the floor and slept. She was an example for others as Satish launched into a wonderful but long explanation in Marathi about what I had contributed to our family.sleepy time A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

Well first I have to say that it was certainly not only me.

Yes it’s true, my fingers did the typing, my promotion efforts  attracted the participants in the volunteer journey, and I became a channel for those who freely gave without even hardly knowing what or who they were giving to.  But so many others contributed and so it was to us all that this farewell party was directed.

So here is the list .. this is what we did.. and through this flow of energy, in the form of needed goods, we have in turn created more energy.

Look at it this way.. the steel we bought for the new building creates solid energy to hold up the building.

cricketer A Volunteer Leaves for AustraliaThe tennis balls we gave the children created energy as the children raced around playing cricket.inverter 150x150 A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

The Inverter we purchased for the Shelter, stores energy so that when the main power goes down, the children can have light and fans. Very needed in this very hot time.

The Generator is now producing power sogenerator1 150x150 A Volunteer Leaves for Australia that the building work can continue even at night as they now have lights and power to pump the water up the hill.

The first aid kit we purchased and set up will help to restore and prevent leakage of energy in the form of any wounding or injury.

The two children who are being sponsored as a result of our visit.. will be energized for years to come by the love they are being shown in the form of nurturing.

And the energy of this amazing place is being spread around by the people who can now access the pictures of our family and our place here in Malavali due to this website that we made.

But all of that said, the energy that we received as volunteers here in this special place has been so much more than what we have given.

The love and the acceptance and the care that we have been shown by all here, the teachers, the cooks, the carers, Satish, Yogita, Nandini as well as the many who not actually  living here, but who have a connection and contribute in their own ways – Maya Shahani of Sage Foundation, Rehka Shahani who brought her children and friends to help plant the fruit trees – (donated by Daniel Priestley of Triumphant Events).

So many people who contribute and assist these beautiful children to have a chance in their lives. 

We the volunteers – thank you for your contribution to our lives.  We have been enriched beyond measure.

New Shoes for All the Children

Yesterday evening we had the immense pleasure of fititng all the children with new shoes.

This event was the result of a collective donation from a group of six people in New Delhi. Their very kind gesture has meant that each and every child now has a good pair of shoes on their feet.

Last weekend Nandini undertook the mammoth task of shopping for 75 pairs of shoes. They first collected each child’s foot imprint on paper .. and taking this to the shoe store.. she went shopping. Hours later a great pile of shoe boxes were stuffed into the car and Nandini drove home.

And last night much fun and excitement was had by all as each child was fitted with their very own pair of shoes. Enjoy the slide show of the evening here…..  double click on a picture to show it bigger.

Yogita Moon Reports on 2009/1010

Namaste and welcome to all our Supporters:

yogita moon Yogita Moon Reports on 2009/1010

Yogita Moon


I am Yogita Satish Moon and as Secretary for Natural Education Research and Training Institute I am very happy to give this 2009 / 2010 Annual Report.

I can’t quite believe we have completed 2 years because we have been so busy with the children.

It is very difficult to communicate with and reach the children on the street or rural areas, for so many reasons, but with your help, inspiration and cooperation it has become much easier for us.

This academic year we were able to support and offer a better childhood for 74 children, 47 boys and 27 girls, providing them with a clean and safe environment, food, shelter, clothing, and health support. Of the 74 children we were able to send 42 to government run schooling.

The remaining children were taught basic primary education at our Little Buddha Natural Education School.

The school has been granted ’Mahatana Fule’, guaranteed education scheme for primary education by the Maharashtran Local Government. We would like to thank the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abahiyan’ Education for All Movement and the local government development office of Maval, for their support in getting the permission to run the school. Thanks too to the Divisional Office of Maval who has offered us much support and guidance over the past 2 years.

I wish to give special thanks to the Lions Club of Maval and Pune region and their members for all their various support which has been invaluable. Also I would like to thank the many officials from the government, private banks in Pune, Lonavala and Mumbai, as well as the business men, builders, celebrities, different organizations and NGO’s, corporate businesses and also various individuals.

All of you have given so much financially and in kind to help fulfill the needs of the organization. We rejoice in your generosity and kindness and wish that your holy deeds bring much brightness to your lives.

My husband and I have committed our lives to support children in trouble and in need, to offer them a better childhood. We promise we will serve them better and better and with your support, love, cooperation and continued support we will achieve this.


Shaolin Temple Malavali

Yesterday 30 people gathered at the new Shikshan Gram site – the first group to come who are in residence for five days.  They are a group of committed individuals from all over Maharasthra and for this five days will follow an intensive program designed to begin their one year training to prepare them to take on their position as leaders and role models for the children of the villages.

The Strong Village Project is launched with this five day camp for the leaders.

They are all well educated, and adepts in karate and spiritual Buddhist practice.  They have taken on this work willingly and with a deep committment to help to change things in rural Maharasthra.

All of them have the potential to be employed in good paying work – however they have chosen to assist in this Strong Village Project - where they will receive nominal pay and lodging, as they have been inspired to join Satish Moon’s team to make a change in their land and the people of their land.

We will be bringing you much more news of this project in the coming time but for now let me leave you with an image of a team united in their purpose and ready to move forward.

shaolinteam1 Shaolin Temple Malavali

And the kitchen is being used for the first time during this camp..
basic, but producing good wholesome food for the team.

kitchen Shaolin Temple Malavali

The Kitchen at Shiksham Gram New Site

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