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Our Kitchen Garden

We are growing our kitchen garden! by Satish Mankar. Our boys come from the street like shriveled up flowers – but when they get here .. they start to transform into healthy blooms. Shikshan Gram is already a garden where we are growing healthy children – and now we are growing a garden to feed them healthy food.… Read More »

Sage Journey November 2011

Yesterday we waved Renee Lighton goodbye as she headed back to Capetown.  It was very hard to stop the tears flowing as we had a last hug outside the departures gate of the Mumbai Airport. What a wonderful journey we had..  yes with only one participant but the value we found from Renee’s visit was profound.. and she… Read More »

Returning Home

The monsoon rains are still with us today.. the land around the new Shikshan Gram site is vibrantly green – and the crickets are screeching their legs together.. seemingly in joy for the steady beat of the huge rain drops. A couple of them came into my room the other night – uninvited because as they started their… Read More »

Biodynamic Gardening

I am so excited today.  Satish sent me photos of the Biodynamic Course which Satish Mankar and two others attended at the beginning of this month.   This is result of a chain of events that can only be described as wonderful synchronicity.   Just before I left for India last November, Sahaja (my sister) lent me a copy… Read More »

Shaolin Summer Camp

  Here are some more images sent to me from Satish Moon.. of the very successful Summer Camp that was just held at the new site of the Shikshan Gram Shelter. They had 350 children attending – cared for by the group of 30 Shaolin Temple members who are in training as role models at the Shelter.  Of… Read More »

Shaolin Summer Camp for Children

[singlepic id=152 w=320 h=240 float=left] The Shaolin Summer Camp for Children of many villages is happening now at the new building site for the Shikshan Gram Shelter .. click on the link here to see the flyer for it. Summer Camp And now we have the first photos in.. this has been clearly an inspirational event – and… Read More »

Shaolin Temple Malavali

Yesterday 30 people gathered at the new Shikshan Gram site – the first group to come who are in residence for five days.  They are a group of committed individuals from all over Maharasthra and for this five days will follow an intensive program designed to begin their one year training to prepare them to take on their… Read More »

Building Our New Home

The new Shikshan Gram home is going up in leaps and bounds.  Here is a short video of the concrete mixing and pouring.. no big trucks here to make the concrete, back in and pour it out.. it is all done by hand.. but the work progresses very quickly with the enthusiasm and effort of the team of… Read More »