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A Volunteer’s Visit brings results!

As I drove past the Shikshan Gram Shelter last night on my way to the new site, I caught a glimpse of a whole series of new signs.   I had been away for a week, farewelling Renee Lighton in Mumbai .. and now here was something different sprouted in the empty space beside the children’s shelter… what… Read More »

Shaolin Summer Camp

  Here are some more images sent to me from Satish Moon.. of the very successful Summer Camp that was just held at the new site of the Shikshan Gram Shelter. They had 350 children attending – cared for by the group of 30 Shaolin Temple members who are in training as role models at the Shelter.  Of… Read More »

New Shoes for All the Children

Yesterday evening we had the immense pleasure of fititng all the children with new shoes. This event was the result of a collective donation from a group of six people in New Delhi. Their very kind gesture has meant that each and every child now has a good pair of shoes on their feet. Last weekend Nandini undertook… Read More »

Yogita Moon Reports on 2009/1010

Namaste and welcome to all our Supporters:   I am Yogita Satish Moon and as Secretary for Natural Education Research and Training Institute I am very happy to give this 2009 / 2010 Annual Report. I can’t quite believe we have completed 2 years because we have been so busy with the children. It is very difficult to… Read More »

Presents for all the Children

Our children are not like those in the West – where piles of toys are the norm. These children have few personal possessions, but every now and then a gift day happens. This day was great fun.  One of our volunteers brought some funds from Australia – from her cousin Pam Leunig – who always has a soft… Read More »

Watermelon Day at the Shelter

Tha last day of the Sage Journey to India we brought 5 big watermelons – cut them up and distributed them to all the children.  It was a hot afternoon’s feast and there were many chances to take some great photos of the children – covered in juice and enjoying the treat. It was a treat for us… Read More »