Connecting through Drama

By | September 30, 2012

Picture of our volunteere leading SimonSays


We had a wonderful day here today… Sunday – always a good day for spending time all together.  The girls came over to the main house – affectionately still known as ‘the Site’ as in the Building Site.. because it still is. We all gathered in the main hall and the day began with a game of Simon Says – led by our volunteer from England – Emma Sykes.


When Satish and Yogita arrived and the girls were all here we began the day’s program in earnest.  Satish divided us in to groups and we found a cool place in the shade and began with simple acting of roles.. the old lady, the cleaner, the doctor and so on.

Picture of Satish and Uttam


As the day progressed so did the complexity of the roles.. and the interaction of the groups.  Stories were told by children in lines.. one beginning the story and then next spontaneously continuing it.. till the end of the line.

Picture of Satish playing with the kids

And finally a whole small play was acted out by about five different groups.. lots of laughter and hilarity.. children really starting to come out of themselves and play. It was all rounded off by a cricket game down on the playing field.. and as Satish said it was a day of connection.. and the play served to bring us all together .. and to make space for the next steps to come.  I for one.. certainly felt a sense of space.. away from the concerns of the day to day life.. and a place from which to begin the new week afresh.

Pcicture of some boys watching the play

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