Green SuperCamp – Bali

By | July 11, 2013

The Moon Family just returned from their very first overseas journey.   Vibhasha and Yashas were invited to participate in the Green SuperCamp at the famous Green School in Bali for one week.

It was an offer we could not refuse… what an opportunity for them all.. firstly for the children to be able to join this Camp and gain the cultural and learning experiences from top International Trainers and secondly for both Satish and Yogita to have the experience of spending time in another land far from home.

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Satish also was invited to be part of the Crew team for the Camp, providing invaluable experience for him –  and ideas and inspiration to bring to our own Summer Camps such as the Lakshya Youth Camp which we put on in May.

Just the climate for a start was so different – yes Bali is hot, but it is green all year round.. and the lushness of the tropical rain forest there in a land which produces two to three crops of rice per year contrasts sharply with the distinct seasonal differences in dry and wet in our valley back home.

Vibhasha and Yashas began their experience at the Green SuperCamp with some trepidation… despite some intensive cramming of English both of them were not confident in that language .. however they shone… Yashas even performed a poem in English that he wrote in front of the whole group.. and Vibhasha danced a traditional Bollywood dance for them all.  Not only that.. Vibhasha came in the top 5 students on the high ropes course as the TreeTops Adventure Park.. we heard she even beat a young Martial Arts Instructor who was there.  Children to be completely proud of!!  Our Kids!

At the completion of the Green SuperCamp we sat together with Heather Yelland.. the Director and Co-Founder – and shared ways in which she and her organisations and friends can support our work at Shikshangram.  We are so thrilled that she has chosen to work with us and has been called to join us – as she said today on FaceBook – “it feels like my life’s mission to partner with these people and create incredible opportunities for hundreds of children.”  We are more than happy that she feels this way!  and in the future who knows – Green SuperCamp just might come to Shikshangram!



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