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This page will give you some idea of the beginnings of Shikshangram.. today – 2018 the picture is very different!

The Shikshan Gram Shelter outgrew our old rented accomodation and moved to our new premises on the outskirts of the Devale Village.  One and a half acres backing onto forestry land  –  pure heaven for a group of children being educated and cared for as close to nature as possible.

Have a look at our pictures below.. they will give you a clear understanding of the extent of this project and the incredible vision and persistence that has gone into creating this home for the children – and now our girls home is also almost ready for the girls.

Sept 2014 the boys home

Our building October 2013

See our video for lots of pictures:

August 2012Picture of the main hall of Shikshan Gram

Picture of side view of Shikshan Gram


Look at our progress  October 2011:

Here is the latest picture of the new building – August 2011 –

[imagebrowser id=2]


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