Presents for all the Children

By | April 1, 2011

Our children are not like those in the West – where piles of toys are the norm.

These children have few personal possessions, but every now and then a gift day happens.

This day was great fun.  One of our volunteers brought some funds from Australia – from her cousin Pam Leunig – who always has a soft spot for children.  Pam very specifically said – “please – with some of my donation – buy them some pens and paper and balls and things they will love to have – the rest you can put to practical use.”

So we went to a store in Pune and shopped up big – crayons, and texta pens, and notebooks, and best of all for a cricket mad nation – a whole bunch of tennis balls and other balls.

Here we are giving the presents – they all wanted balls.. but the pens were also very happily received.

[imagebrowser id=3]

Photos by Bronwyn Key.


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