Republic Day at Shikshan Gram

By | January 26, 2012

This morning we all got up very early .. those of us who are living at the new site left at a fast walk – accompanied by a band of the Shaolin Masters! 20 minutes later we arrived at the Hostel.. (the original Shikshan Gram shelter where the little children are currently living. )

The staff as usual had out done themselves.. the place was decorated beautifully and the loud speakers set up to blast Malavali with our celebration!  The rule is the flag must go up before 7.30.. I think we just made it!  then it was time for breakfast as everyone was hungry.

After that, there was more fun and games to be had… everyone sat through speeches, some readings, and some dances and incredible human pyramids made by the boys.. see some photos here:  we laughed and sang and jumped around .. many photos were taken .. and then the whole celebration was culminated in a cricket match.. much fun.

Sometimes people say .. those ‘poor children’ referring to our children here.  No both the Australian volunteer teacher who is here – Gloria – and myself – long term volunteer agreed.. these children are not ‘poor’.  They are very fortunate – very lucky kids – and have so much .. love, care and happiness.

The Shikshan Gram Team are doing a wonderful job.


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