Shaolin Summer Camp

By | May 24, 2011

Ready for Meditation


Here are some more images sent to me from Satish Moon.. of the very successful Summer Camp that was just held at the new site of the Shikshan Gram Shelter.

They had 350 children attending – cared for by the group of 30 Shaolin Temple members who are in training as role models at the Shelter.  Of course the staff of the Shelter all pitched in and were incredibly busy over this five days.





Being given a dance lesson from a Bollywood Choreographer.



It was a wonderful success, with visiting Bollywood film star – Yusuf Hussain as well as dance demonstrations, Karate training, Chi Gong meditations and so many wonderful activities for the children.







At the end of the camp, all the children were veryproud to receive attendance certificates.. here being presetnted by Nandini Chandraratam – Satish Moon and suported by Yogita Moon.  It was a wonderful end to the celebrations.

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