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By | April 3, 2011

Yesterday 30 people gathered at the new Shikshan Gram site – the first group to come who are in residence for five days.  They are a group of committed individuals from all over Maharasthra and for this five days will follow an intensive program designed to begin their one year training to prepare them to take on their position as leaders and role models for the children of the villages.

The Strong Village Project is launched with this five day camp for the leaders.

They are all well educated, and adepts in karate and spiritual Buddhist practice.  They have taken on this work willingly and with a deep committment to help to change things in rural Maharasthra.

All of them have the potential to be employed in good paying work – however they have chosen to assist in this Strong Village Project – where they will receive nominal pay and lodging, as they have been inspired to join Satish Moon’s team to make a change in their land and the people of their land.

We will be bringing you much more news of this project in the coming time but for now let me leave you with an image of a team united in their purpose and ready to move forward.

And the kitchen is being used for the first time during this camp..
basic, but producing good wholesome food for the team.

The Kitchen at Shiksham Gram New Site

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