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Voluntourism – our latest group.

The February group of volunteers were wonderful.  We had five participants and together and individually they contributed a tremendous lot to Shikshan Gram.  Here we are on our first day enjoying a Thali Lunch in Mumbai.    We had a great day in Mumbai – spent time with Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation as our wonderful tour… Read More »

A Volunteer’s Visit brings results!

As I drove past the Shikshan Gram Shelter last night on my way to the new site, I caught a glimpse of a whole series of new signs.   I had been away for a week, farewelling Renee Lighton in Mumbai .. and now here was something different sprouted in the empty space beside the children’s shelter… what… Read More »

Sage Journey November 2011

Yesterday we waved Renee Lighton goodbye as she headed back to Capetown.  It was very hard to stop the tears flowing as we had a last hug outside the departures gate of the Mumbai Airport. What a wonderful journey we had..  yes with only one participant but the value we found from Renee’s visit was profound.. and she… Read More »

Returning Home

The monsoon rains are still with us today.. the land around the new Shikshan Gram site is vibrantly green – and the crickets are screeching their legs together.. seemingly in joy for the steady beat of the huge rain drops. A couple of them came into my room the other night – uninvited because as they started their… Read More »

Paul Dunn and Masami Sato Visit Shikshan Gram

In the middle of the monsoon, a fine morning is very unusual. For the rains to hold off for almost a whole day, just about unheard of.  But last week on the 28th, a group of very important visitors came to Malavali to visit the children at Shikshan Gram.  And the rain held off. This was a day… Read More »

Thinking To Volunteer in India?

Volunteer travel, spending time overseas working with a not for profit organisation – contributing time, effort and expertise is a very rewarding way to really get to know another culture and land. The Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children is an ideal place to start.  We are very conscious of providing a support structure that will give you… Read More »

A Volunteer Leaves for Australia

Last Thursday night Shazar Robinson – yes that’s me – was given a beautiful farewell party at the hostel. It was late.. 7.45 – and the children especially the little girls were dropping off to sleep right there where they sat awaiting the cermeony. Vaishnavi bent forward over her crossed legs and put her head on the floor… Read More »

Presents for all the Children

Our children are not like those in the West – where piles of toys are the norm. These children have few personal possessions, but every now and then a gift day happens. This day was great fun.  One of our volunteers brought some funds from Australia – from her cousin Pam Leunig – who always has a soft… Read More »