Volunteers Contribution March 2011

Together the Volunteers who came on the March 2011 tour accomplished the following:

  • Developed a plan for the optimal plumbing needs at the new building site for the Shelter.
  • Volunteers assisted in the planting of 250 fruit trees.
  • Purchased an ‘inverter’ – a storage bank for power so that the children can have lights and fans when there is a power cut – a very common occurrence.
  • Purchased a generator for the new building site to provide power for the building needs.
  • Volunteer nurse set up and purchased a first aid kit for the Shelter.
  • Purchased and distributed $100 worth of balls, coloured pens, books and crayons for the 74 children.
  • Volunteer web designer built a website for the Shelter to assist with fund raising and sponsorship of the children. http://shikshangram.com.
  • A volunteer sponsored a child at the shelter.
  • Paid school fees for 2 months for 2 children in the Geeta Nagar slum.

We wish to thank all our wonderful volunteers  –

Paul Eglinton, Bronwyn Key, Georgie Wallis as well as our friends in Australia – Julia Hayes, of the Swanbourne Business Centre, Pam Leunig, Alyson (Sva) Riddell for their generous contribution.

Volunteer from Australia

Georgie Wallis

voluntourism participant from New Zealand

Paul Eglinton

Volunteer from Perth

Bronwyn Key

Picture of Julia Hayes

Julia Hayes

Pam Leunig













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