Volunteers from Joondalup Martial Arts Academy

By | December 24, 2012

Volunteers Colin Luthwood and Sam Moland came to visit us.

What a great time we all had.. from the littlest child to the oldest of us all.. (that’s me Shazar)!  These two volunteers jumped right in from the moment they arrived and the kids just loved them.  Two masters of Taekwondo – 3rd Dan black belts no less – the kids were clearly very interested in their muscles and very quickly the two very well built Australian men  became wonderful role models for all our children. Back in Australia they run a very busy Martial Arts School with over 400 students – the Joondalup Martial Arts Academy.

 “How many push ups do I need to do to build my muscles like that?!!”

They stayed for a week and during that time they took martial arts lessons with all the children and worked solidly with our four young Shaolin trainees.. all of whom were the proud owners of a Taekwondo red belt grading on the last day.  Colin said of our boys that they were in prime condition and that their prowess with martial arts was highly commended.  We were very proud of them.

Here is what Colin had to say when he left – clearly they both had a very good time – and we did too!

If you are considering coming to volunteer please get in touch with us.. we love having people stay with us and will welcome you too whatever your skills and talents.


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