Water for Life – Bore Well Recharging

By | April 3, 2013

Water is essential to our survival.  Did you know that there is a finite amount of water on our planet -for a graphic diagram of that see here –  just that much and no more!  When you look at it that way it becomes so clear how important it is to us all.

Picture of our boys washing their clothesHere at Shikshangram we have a deluge in the rainy season and then a couple of months after the rains stop the water supply dries up. So you can imagine water is a high priority for us with all of our children – thirsty children, children who love to play with water, children who need to wash and clean their clothes and splash in the puddles left behind.  A favourite game is making the concrete tiled floor by the washing area really wet then sliding on their bare bellies just like kids will do in the edge of the sea.  But all this needs water  and right now we are trucking it in 4 and 5 times a week.

Solutions were clearly needed with urgency.

I for one have a strong sense that we are shown the way when we have a need  – and this is just what happened.

We have two borewells.. one produces a very little water and the other has always been dry despite having used the best water diviner we could find to test the site.  And an age old solution – one which has been used with wells for a long time in India – bore well recharging – was brought to my attention.

Picture of our bore well recharge system installation

Abig rock almost blcked our way

Sankalpa Rural Development Society headed up by Mr Sikandar Meeranayak came to the rescue!  He guaranteed our water supply will be markedly increased!  and his positive attitude was wonderful – when our excavation around the bore well was blocked by stone only two feet down we were ready to give up.. but Sikander convinced us to persevere.  A short time later the digger lifted a huge rock out of the way and we were able to continue.

Sikander said he never did a bore well like ours.  We had our team of children helping out .. sometimes it was like rounding up cats getting them to help in a team and at other times especially when either Satish Moon or Satish Mankar were there.. they all pulled together and huge amounts of work were done in a very short time. Picture of child playing with stones In between they played and raced around.

And now we have a recharge system in place ready for the next rainy season.. do stay posted for the results.. we are very excited about the concept of using the underground aquifers as our water storage tanks instead of having to build huge above ground ones… and what’s more just in the right timing our friends at the Sage Foundation have come to our aid to help us with the funding we need to get all our water supply set up.  A good friend in Pune has donated an industrial output water filter.. so we are up and running – literally .. running water!  Plenty for all our children – for our gardens and for play!

Thank you once again to all those who have contributed to this essential resource . our water supply.


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