Strong Village Project

Strong Villages mean a a strong rural India

Strong villages leads to a strong country which is to the advantage of all of us. Mahatma Gandhi knew this and worked tirelessly for the education of rural India. The Strong Village Project is designed to continue his good work.

It is clear that children become homeless as a result of many factors, not the least being the poor state of their homelife in the villages of rural India.

There is a huge need to work on reform in this area to make a change in the causes of homelessness.

When we dug deep into causative factors, there are many – but the one that become the most obvious to address is the lack of water.  The basic human right to have access to clean potable water for household use, irrigation for farming, and for vegetable plots and for livestock is often very limited especially in the long hot dry season.

We have spent much time in the villages of the Wardha area, studying both the need – consulting with the villagers and farmers and also making alliance with others who are doing good work in this area.

Our first check dam for the provision of water for the village and the farmers has just been completed (April 2015) and is awaiting the rains to fill it.  The first village where we are working is a small place called Tizada in the Vidarbha area.

We funded this dam with the assistance of many friends in Australia and other international friends by a crowd funding campaign – see our video here:

and have prepared a brochure for corporate involvement which outlines our plans for the bigger vision.  This can be downloaded here:  Water Harvest Information

How can you help?

We would be most grateful if you would consider assisting us with the building of the check dams.

The Program has been fully budgeted and average cost for one check dam with farmer and village collaboration is approx Rs 3,50,000.

We have a detailed program plan which will help you to see the actions and steps of the program which will not only include the building of the dams, but also support for the village community to strengthen their village.

It would be wonderful if you would consider joining our team of committed supporters for the strength of this program and rural India.

A strong rural India means a strong nation – it is our responsibility to all our Indian family to do what we can to create fundamental change in our society that will support all of our nation on all levels.

We thank you.  Contact us to find out how you can help our Srong Village Project please.  You can read more about our Water Harvesting here.

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