Yogita Moon Reports on 2009/1010

By | April 6, 2011

Namaste and welcome to all our Supporters:

Yogita Moon


I am Yogita Satish Moon and as Secretary for Natural Education Research and Training Institute I am very happy to give this 2009 / 2010 Annual Report.

I can’t quite believe we have completed 2 years because we have been so busy with the children.

It is very difficult to communicate with and reach the children on the street or rural areas, for so many reasons, but with your help, inspiration and cooperation it has become much easier for us.

This academic year we were able to support and offer a better childhood for 74 children, 47 boys and 27 girls, providing them with a clean and safe environment, food, shelter, clothing, and health support. Of the 74 children we were able to send 42 to government run schooling.

The remaining children were taught basic primary education at our Little Buddha Natural Education School.

The school has been granted ’Mahatana Fule’, guaranteed education scheme for primary education by the Maharashtran Local Government. We would like to thank the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abahiyan’ Education for All Movement and the local government development office of Maval, for their support in getting the permission to run the school. Thanks too to the Divisional Office of Maval who has offered us much support and guidance over the past 2 years.

I wish to give special thanks to the Lions Club of Maval and Pune region and their members for all their various support which has been invaluable. Also I would like to thank the many officials from the government, private banks in Pune, Lonavala and Mumbai, as well as the business men, builders, celebrities, different organizations and NGO’s, corporate businesses and also various individuals.

All of you have given so much financially and in kind to help fulfill the needs of the organization. We rejoice in your generosity and kindness and wish that your holy deeds bring much brightness to your lives.

My husband and I have committed our lives to support children in trouble and in need, to offer them a better childhood. We promise we will serve them better and better and with your support, love, cooperation and continued support we will achieve this.


2 thoughts on “Yogita Moon Reports on 2009/1010

  1. Maria

    You are doing very good job for these children.
    All the best for the same.

  2. Dom Troughton

    A worthy cause …. you guys rock! take care satish and yogita … thanks for the life changing experience … dom


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