An Appeal from Satish Moon

“We must work on the root cause of problems”

The world is developing very rapidly but still we have lots of fundamental problems which seem to grow and grow.

The problems in our country are things such as lack of employment; issues of child labour; uncleanness, pollution; the destruction of the environment; lack of morality in people; bribery and corruption. Also we have issues of alcohol and drug addiction in families, the dowry system, child marriage, family clashes and poor family planning.

All of these problems fix their legs in the soil and are barriers to progress. We create these problems so for there to be a solution all of us need to take responsibility without hesitation and without explaining our reasons.

As we see the speed of growth in our cities so too do we see the speed of the devaluation of human values and humanity. We seek to make higher and higher buildings whilst our morality is lowering. Our sensitivity to humanity becomes infertile under all this development. The administration of government and its policies often experience corruption and this corruption can lead to terrorism being allowed to flourish.  The two are often connected to one another.

This land of ours is the land of the Saints.

Many people follow the faiths blindly and without following the moral codes.  They allow themselves to be used and manipulated by false people. Every day this issues become stronger and stronger so to change we need a new inspiration, new awareness and a new vision to work on this.

Often we look to quick fixes to solve the problems but the result is that usually new problems are created, creating new issues and headaches for us to deal with.

I believe we must work on the root causes of problems otherwise we just create new problems again and again. Even with thousands of organizations working on these problems we cannot eradicate these things unless we target the roots.

The problems we see are only because we have blunted our awareness of being human beings, blunting our inner awareness. To work on the problems all around us we have to start developing ourselves and from that inspire others such as our families, friends, neighbours and the wider society. We have to find leadership and initiative which will arise and help to solve the root problems.

Here at Shikshangram we are trying hard to care for the children who are in need in the best way possible to bring them up to be good human beings and reach their full potential.

So please try and get involved and support us in any way you can. Only with your support and by working with us can our new vision for change in a new society become a reality.

Thank you.

Mr Satish Moon


4 thoughts on “An Appeal from Satish Moon


    Hellow Sir,
    Jai Bhim with mettha.
    I get very much inspired after seeing u r project.U r doing very excellent work for Homeless childrens.

    Wish u all the best for u r excellent work.

    Manoj Suryawanshi.
    Assistant Manager,
    State Bank Of India.

  2. firdos suratia

    I wish to offer myself in this divine cause.

    Firdos Suratia

  3. Mukul Shrivastava

    Myself Ms. Mukul Shrivastava (Retd. Principal, Central School, BEG), from Pune.
    Today, we visit your website. We like the work, which you did it from last years.
    I would like to visit your ‘Shikshangram’ shortly.
    Can there are any branches, please let us know.
    Mukul Shrivastava

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