Who We Are

Our vision is to form a new society based on equality, non violence, loving kindness and spiritual understanding through the system of education.

Our mission is to serve the children to encourage a better childhood and to help them become responsible individuals and spiritual human beings. We achieve this by providing food, shelter, clothes, and medicine and equality education.

The Shikshangram Shelter for Children is home for 137 children from the age of 4 to 16.

 These children have been found on the railway platforms, rubbish dumps and the street corners – many are orphaned or their parents have been unable to care for them. Even at 4 years old, prior to being gathered up into the safety of the Shelter, most were already working – begging or selling small items to commuters or drivers.  Or they were picking through mountains of rubbish on the dumps, salvaging plastic and other scraps of saleable recycling material.

Their lives now are totally transformed.

Picture of original shelter

The Original Shelter – where we started!

The Shikshan Gram Shelter was established in 2008 by Satish and Yogita Moon both passionate and dedicated people and the original rented accommodation is located in a tiny village called  Malavali near Lonavala in Maharasthra, India.  Their story is in itself a journey of the heart.  Both come from a similar background to the children they now care for.  They were brought up in an orphanage – given a real chance in life, brought together by their benefactors and educated and trained in all the skills they need pass on those opportunites to others.

Satish is now working hard to establish a Corpus Fund for Shikshangram while his diminutive wife, Yogita – is a tireless fund raiser – and mother to all the children.  She is constantly connecting to meet and encourage others to open their hearts and their finances to build develop and provide for the daily needs of this growing band of children.

Yogita and Satish

All our children who have been homeless or abandoned, are now living securely in their home here.. the girl’s hostel is completed and the boys hostel close to completion.

There is a team of 10 dedicated staff to supervise, teach, counsel and cook for the children.

Picture of the main hall of Shikshan Gram

The Shelter is run on the principle of natural education and all the staff work hard at keeping the children cared for in the best possible way with play – supplementary education and good nutrition.

All the children attend school – the small ones going to the local Devale School and the older children to the school at Bhaje.

They are a very happy group of children who are nurtured, loved and counselled, as they grow.


31 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Ma Aryo Stokes

    Do the children learn to speak English in their school? If people come there can the children interact with visitors? I am a teacher and will be retiring soon, and on my way to visit Europe where I used to live would like to visit the centre for a while. It may not be for a year, but it wouod be a good thing to plan. Love from Aryo

    1. shazar Post author

      Hello Aryo,
      The children all learn English.. they are not that good at it.. but we can certainly comunicate with many of them. and yes they are very much encouraged to interact with visitors.. they love having them. And that interaction is very valuable to them to expose them to different cultures and the practice of their language skills. As a teacher you would be a very welcome guest.. we would love to have you visit.. and if there is anything I can do to help you plan your journey – please get in touch. Perhaps you might like to join one of our Voluntourism journeys. I look forward to meeting you there. Love Shazar

  2. firdos suratia

    I would like to work in your organization as a Volunteer. I am bsc bed educated in english medium. I have taught in Sri Guru Harkishan School in Nagpur.

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Hello Firdos – please call Mrs Yogita Moon on 93 73 235 894 or Satish Moon and tell them of your wish. Please let them know when you would like to go to the Shelter and what your skills are. thank you. Best wishes to you. Shazar

  3. firdos suratia

    I would like to work in your organization as a Volunteer. I am bsc bed educated in english medium. I have taught in Sri Guru Harkishan School in Nagpur.

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Pleae give us a call to discuss your interest. You will find the phone number on the contact page.

  4. Ravi kumar

    Dear ma’am

    i want to talk to to you reg. some work , kindly provide me your no.

    Ravi kumar
    +91 8873283416

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      You will find our phone numbers on the contact us page. Please call to discuss your interest. Best wishes Shazar

  5. reshma khan

    Sir I m very happy to know about your thoughts . I m an M.ed student. I want your permission to do case study of your institution. Sir pls reply with your valuable feedback

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Please call Mrs Yogita Moon to discuss your possible contribution to our cause. Her number is on our contact page.

  6. Razia

    Hi , it feels good to see that people from across the world are coming together to help us, being a student I can’t assist any finical help to my brothers and Sister of shiksa gram, but would love to spend some quality time with them. I have completed my post graduation in medical biotechnology n would love to share about hygiene nutrition and other healthcare topics essential for everyone. I would wish to work for shiksa gram.

  7. kuldeep raj

    you all r doing such a wonderful work .heads off to u guys ..me nd my frnd would like to join your campaign nd would like to help r future champ with r basic knowladge..so if you have any work going around lonavala ,we will defenately like to join you

  8. Sumeet Rao

    Truly Amazing work done by the Parents.. and they deserve to be called so.
    I am an Active Volunteer of a Trekking Group and have good number of Contacts. Would like to Visit ShikshanGram once and would like to help with free hands whatever feels missing in this Lively place.
    Thanks for such a Noble cause. See you soon.
    Will call up Yogita Mam and discuss.

    Sumeet Rao

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Thank you Sumeet.. we look forward to meeting you soon.. there is great trekking around here – in the jungle / forestry area surrounding us and up to the forts on the top of the hills. So you could combine a visit with some play with the children. Best regards to you.

  9. pooja gujarathi

    Hello, i m a student of Sinhgad Institute of Technology, lonavala pursuing my engineering degree. I would like to serve as a volunteer in your ngo. I m eager to teach those children who really need it. Please give me a chance to do the same. I will be highly obliged if i can be of any help to them

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Hello Pooja – please give us a call to connect so that we can talk about how you can help. Call Mrs Moon on 96 89453329.

  10. mahesh kolhe

    Hello mam I have completed my m.tech in Food tech n currently m working in Food industry near khopoli. I want to help this needy children’s by spending my weekend with them.so I request u will u please help me out.

  11. Delna

    The work you are doing is great. Very inspiring. I visit Lonavala sometimes and would like to know how far your institute is from Lonavala station.
    Thank you

      1. Jasjot singh raj pal

        Respected sir/Mam
        I m a resident of Pune
        Actualy dis Saturday i.e. 26/11
        It’s my birthday so would like just donate some estimable stuffs as in biscuits chips etc to d kids
        N wana spend few time with dem
        I can reach der by 9-9:30
        Is it ok cn I like come der n make dem smile on my spcl day
        Ping me back :-8793115017

  12. Rohan joshi

    Hats off to a very sincere effort the ngo is doing for a fundamental cause. I am a commercial photographer based in pune. Besides my job i am also into teaching students about multiple art relevent topics and learning activities. I see many possibilities where i could add my small bit to a great effort ngo is putting. Would definitely like to get in touch and explore the possibilities.

    1. Satish Moon

      Hello Roshan
      Happy to know about your skill
      please visit our place it will be more fun with the children
      please call Mrs Yogita Moon 9689453329

  13. pratik

    I wanted to donate a small fund for all my brothers and sisters living there please will you assist Me with your information. ….(My contact no 7775814269.)A sincerely request to You plz reply Me back as soon as possible. …From PRATIK.. ..

    1. Shazar Robinson Post author

      Hello Pratik.. did you hear from Yogita Mam – if not please call her on 96 89453329 she will welcome your assistance.

  14. Mitesh

    Hi, Our family is any to give sweet n clothes to ur child on Diwali how to contact u n how to do pls contact me at 7666303399

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