Natural Education

Picture of children walking in natureNaisargik Shikshan stands for Natural Education, Research and Training Institute under which the Shikshan Gram or Village of Education is sheltered.

What is Natural Education?

The four cornerstones of Natural Education are:

  1. To engage the children to play and learn.
  2. Self connection, to encourage the children to think “who am I? what are my aims? What are my strengths?” And to train the mind to think positive thoughts and build inner confidence.
  3. To connect with nature. Natural Education believes that everything is connected; humans are connected to the birds, the trees, the rivers, the butterflies. Humans need to build a strong relationship with the nature they are surrounded by. People should be deterred from cutting down trees, and harming their environment.
  4. To open yourself, to help the children believe they can be anything they desire to be. The children must make a strong connection with the syllabus which maximizes their natural abilities. When a child discovers their natural ability, they should be encouraged to build and nurture that ability. Their personal growth is dependant on support. Natural Education assists children to open the door to see their own unique flower in which they can develop their own potential.

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