Field Trip Experiences

Each year during the Diwali holidays our children go on field trips.   The children love these excursions which can take them away from the hostel for up to 7 days. The children gain a lot of knowledge and experience from these activities visiting historical places and other areas of India from as far afield as Kanyakumari – where many of them had their very first time at the ocean.

Children waiting for the train to Kanyakumari

At the pratapgarh fort

Can you imagine the joy and wonder on a child’s face when they arrive at the ocean for the very first time.

Field trips allow our children the experience of a lifetime – and open up their minds to possibilites never before imagined.

Please consider joining us, as a volunteer to assist with the journey, or giving some financial support to allow us to take more children on these journeys annually.

Picture of children playing with a starfish